Immunogene Diagnostic Laboratories is providing high-quality, world-class reference testing for patients in the country. our staffs are all board certified Laboratory scientists, anatomic and clinical pathologists paired with well expertise medical technologists and laboratory technicians provide crucial pathology and laboratory testing services to clients around the corner, throughout the states, and around the country.

Immunogene Diagnostic Laboratories operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform crucial emergency tests for needy patients and support to the physician and surgeons.. Doctors and patients may select and order a test from a menu of more than 2,400 routine and esoteric tests. Through the application of leading-edge technology, Immunogene Laboratories prides itself on providing rapid turnaround time, affordable testing, and superior customer service.

Our specialized laboratories provide expertise in anatomic, clinical, and molecular pathology. We offer centers of excellence in Transplant immunology and Immunogenetics, coagulation, cytogenetics, molecular pathology, hematopathology, and biochemistry. Our fully subspecialized model of pathology practice ensures the expertise to drive continuous excellence and clinical relevance in these labs.

Immunogene Diagnostic Molecular pathologists practice in a full subspecialty model with expertise in all subspecialties within anatomic pathology. Our anatomic pathology staff has access to leading laboratory technologies, including fully automated IHC,ISH and FISH. We are providing one of the largest IHC menus in the country, and ePathology to help make accurate diagnoses and communicate them with clinicians.

Physicians and health care facilities across the country rely on the specialists at Immunogene Diagnostics to provide the expert diagnosis, second opinions, and subspecialty consultations that are the basis for effective patient care.

Our Mission

Immunogene Diagnostic Laboratories contributes to excellent patient care by providing comprehensive, high-quality laboratory testing and patient-focused expert consultation. This mission is supported by innovative research and new test development, exceptional customer service, continuous quality improvement, and leadership in Research to develop new diagnostics tests.

Our Vision

We will provide the highest quality laboratory testing and expert pathology diagnosis to patients nationally and internationally.

Our Values

Clinical Excellence

We provide comprehensive and high-quality pathology interpretations and laboratory testing in a patient-responsive manner.

Expert Diagnosis

In order to ensure the best patient care possible, our subspecialty experts are available for direct consultation with clinicians about the patient diagnoses that we provide.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We are continuously evaluating and implementing the best practices in laboratory testing across the testing spectrum.

Dedication to our Staff

We believe that our staff is our most valuable resource. We ensure that they are supported and recognized for their accomplishments.

Innovative Test Development

A continual focus on new test development is important to provide the best capabilities for patient diagnosis.

Testing Lab

Research and Education

Research and education are cornerstones of Immunogene’s mission and are essential for leadership in pathology and laboratory medicine. Research and its resulting innovations provide the foundations for the future of patient care while education helps to ensure that present and future patients will be well cared for.


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